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How It Works

After receiving your initial phone call to FAST PET CARRIERS , we will customize a quote regarding your pet shipping needs.

Once you accept our final quote for your pet's travel, FAST PET CARRIERS will initiate the process.

If you choose for FAST PET CARRIERS to manage your veterinarian services, a FAST PET CARRIERS specialist will contact a veterinarian of your choice to introduce themselves, review your pet's vaccination history and advise your veterinarian regarding the next steps. This step will help FAST PET CARRIERS to establish a relationship with your vet and avoid miscommunications during the pet shipping process.

Your FAST PET CARRIERS professional will then begin the process of booking your pet's travel arrangements, including setting up pet couriers on both ends, if needed, selecting and booking the appropriate flight and verifying that all of the necessary paper work for your pet's shipping is in order. During this process, you will have unlimited access to your FAST PET CARRIERS professional to answer all of your last minute questions and handle any concerns you may have. At FAST PET CARRIERS, our pet's travel arrangements are even more important than our own, so we take the utmost care when planning your pet's travel!

Instant Pet Carriers will make sure that each of our clients receive their pet's flight schedule prior to flight. This schedule will provide you with the details of flight numbers, departure and arrival locations and any other significant information.

While your pet is travelling, rest assured that your FAST PET CARRIERS professional will be keeping an eye on your pet's travel. In addition, FAST PET CARRIERS will provide you with the necessary information so, if you wish, you can also follow your pet's travel route.

Remember, FAST PET CARRIERS only uses airlines that have the best interest of your pet in mind. This means that any airlines we use, must meet the following standards:

  • Climate controlled waiting areas - Your pet will never be left out in extreme heat or cold, regardless of the time of year.
  • Climate controlled, pressurized cargo holds - Your pet will be treated like the member of your family that he is! He will travel in the exact same conditions as the people in the passenger area of the plane.
  • Devoted pet-friendly airport staff & pet transport vehicles - At Fast Pets relocation , we only utilize airlines that promise that pets will be well cared for by their devoted live pet shipping employees. In addition, your pet will be transported in a climate-controlled vehicle from the waiting areas to the plane.
  • Airport pet hotels/boarding facilities - At At Fast Pets relocation, we assure you that your pet will be taken care of in case of an unexpected delay, at a pet-friendly facility. He will be given food & water, exercised and have his crate cleaned out while he is waiting for his next flight


At Easy Pets Relocation, our services don't end when your pet has safely landed. If your pet arrives home before you do, Easy Pets Relocation will arrange reliable, local boarding for your pet.

At Easy Pets Relocation, our number one goal is to make sure that your pet arrives safely at it's final destination while taking the hassle and stress out of the pet shipping process for you, the pet owner.

Your thoughts and opinions are very important to us! After your pet is settled comfortably in it's new home, the Easy Pets Relocation professionals would love to hear your feedback! Please call or email with any feedback information for our Easy Pets Relocation professionals and thank you for using Easy Pets Relocation for all of your pet shipping and pet travel needs!

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